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Please ensure all of your coins are withdrawn to your own wallets within 4 weeks of mining to avoid losing them.
iSpace Mining Pools is not responsible for the long term storage of any coins.


Algo: sha256d
Difficulty: 9,233,310,000
Hashrate: 0.00 KH/s
Confirmations: 120
Wallet Version: 120100

Our Last Block: 1,476,407
Last Block: long time ago


Variable Difficulty Mining Ports

Miner URL (Low Difficulty): stratum+tcp://ispace.co.uk:3755
Miner URL (Medium Difficulty): stratum+tcp://ispace.co.uk:3577
Miner URL (High Difficulty): stratum+tcp://ispace.co.uk:3756

Fixed Difficulty Mining Ports

512 difficulty: stratum+tcp://ispace.co.uk:5670
1,024 difficulty: stratum+tcp://ispace.co.uk:5671
2,048 difficulty: stratum+tcp://ispace.co.uk:5672
4,096 difficulty: stratum+tcp://ispace.co.uk:5673
8,192 difficulty: stratum+tcp://ispace.co.uk:5674
16,384 difficulty: stratum+tcp://ispace.co.uk:5675
32,768 difficulty: stratum+tcp://ispace.co.uk:5676
65,536 difficulty: stratum+tcp://ispace.co.uk:5563

24 Hour HashRate

Last 10 Blocks

1,476,40727/07/2017 09:58:42Confirmed313,246,396.17094016119,155,497williamjohnpowers4.5
1,474,86026/07/2017 06:48:27Confirmed424,944,150.24715757157,619,086Dreadlock864.5
1,474,24825/07/2017 20:12:58Confirmed172,095,115.07322600837,430,234Dreadlock864.5